FairGaze SDG Program

FairGaze SDG Program is an initiative to empower School and engage student for an
experiential learning on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainable development goals (sdgs) are the blueprint
To accomplish a sustainable future for all

FairGaze, the leading school media, uses its ecosystem for facilitating the school community to implement UN-led Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FairGaze, in association with partners like India Is Us, NGOs, Government bodies and Corporate houses will be engaging students and faculties in implementing the 17 SDGs in Schools. With over 100 NGOs focused on different causes along with knowledge partners, FairGaze School SDG Program will be covering smooth implementation of 17 SDGs across the school community.

FairGaze SDG Program will enable schools to implement SDGs effectively while ensuring that the students benefit from the engagements to learn and experience SDG core objectives. The students will learn effective ways to co-exists, protecting and conserving the natural resources. The program will deliver on the sustainability objectives of natural resources and ecosphere, while empowering students to become a responsible citizen of the country.

The need to take the message of sustainable development to students was emphasised Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director (Training and Skill Education) at Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), who noted that, "Only about one lakh teachers knew about Education for Sustainable Development or SDGs out of the 11 lakh teachers in CBSE."


FairGaze SDG School Program aims to create awareness about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in schools to educate and engage students with the SDGs and to inspire them to prioritize the SDGs in their lifestyles, behaviours, education and professional careers as these goals provide framework for a healthier and sustainable world. The year-round engagement program aims to transform and making schools the hubs of education in SDGs and mobilizing students to help implement the SDGs in their communities.

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1. Educate students about the SDGs and create pathways for achieving them.

2. Connect students to exchange concepts, share skills and work together to achieve the SDGs.

3. Developing life-skills, economic-skills, socio cultural skills and making self-reliant through SDG.

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Learning Outcomes

To ensure a sustainable future, the ecosystem of our planet needs urgent damage control and conservation actions. School community, especially students, is not fully aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), its implementation and possible impact. FairGaze, in association with India Is Us and other partners, will engage the school community to facilitate awareness and assist in implementation of SDGs facilitating the new generation to learn about all the 17 SDGs.

Among the many outcomes of the program that the students will benefit from, some are listed below:

  • Natural disasters like Tsunami or cyclones are created by climate change.
  • Understanding of human development issues like inequality, economic growth, peace, and justice.
  • Experiential learning of curricular subjects like biology, geography, politics, economics, etc. from the sustainability perspective.
  • Develop empathy among students.
  • Nurture global citizenship.

In effect, the FairGaze SDG Program empowers students to be the change makers, SDG Ambassadors and responsible citizens.

World Environment Day Campaign

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World Environment Day Campaign

FairGaze (leading school media), along with India Is Us (an NGO support initiative working with over 100 NGOs), has initiated OneDayForEnvironment drive coinciding with the Environment Day observed on 5th June. All are invited to join One Day For Environment Day Campaign contest.

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