FairGaze (leading school media), along with India Is Us (an NGO support initiative working with over 100 NGOs), has initiated

#OneDayForMenstrualHygiene drive coinciding with the World Menstrual Hygiene Day observed on 28th May, every year.

This campaign will engage the school community to implement Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 3 (Good Health & Wellbeing), SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation), SDG 8 ( Decent work & Economic Growth), and SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and Production), helping students understand periods, dispel myths, discard pseudoscience, and embrace body positivity and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products.

Date of the Campaign: 1st May 2024 - 28th May, 2024

Age Group:Students from 5th Class to 12th class

Hashtags for the campaigns: #OneDayForHygiene #SDG6 #ItsTimeForAction #MenstrualHygieneday

Registration Closed

Objectives of the Campaign:

To collaborate with schools in raising awareness and fostering a supportive environment regarding menstruation through workshops aimed at reducing taboos, increasing access to menstrual products, enhancing education, and advocating for period-friendly sanitation facilities, with the ultimate aim of empowering individuals to overcome menstrual challenges and ensuring that menstruation does not hinder anyone's progress.

Who Can Participate?

  • Students studying in class 5th to 12th

For any further details, please reach out to us at:

Email - info@fairgaze.com

Ms Yachi Sehrawat - + 91 97170 23501

Renu Sharma - +91 82879 59686

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