About the Campaign

FairGaze (leading school media), in association with India is Us (NGO) along with Sundaram Books (Gifting partner) and Smartivity (Gifting partner), has initiated the #OneDayForEnvironment drive coinciding with the World Environment Day observed on 5th June every year.

This campaign aims to fulfill UN-led Sustainable Development Goals SDG-13 (Climate Action), SDG -14 (Life below water) and SDG-15 (Life on Land) through the World Environment Day campaign by encouraging students to take impactful actions towards environmental conservation.

The campaign instills the importance of biodiversity and nature among the children who are the future of our nation. Our partner India Is Us (NGO) empowers underprivileged and CWSN children as participants, enabling them to compete in this national level competition.

As a part of the campaign, we are introducing #GenerationRestoration #OneDayForEnvironment in continuation of the existing hashtag chain #OneDayForFuture.

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Objectives of the Campaign

  • Foster awareness and understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the school community.
  • Improve creativity and innovation among students and develop their personality.
  • Awareness among the students to be more empathetic towards the nature and it’s preservation.
  • Creating awareness on the importance of plastic recycling among the school community.
  • Imparting life skills to the students at an early stage for long term sustainable goals.


Making seed balls (Class 1st - 5th)

Making micro-compost (Class 6th - 8th)

Eco-Friendly Posters (Class 9th - 12th)

3 winners from Each Category.

Making Seed Balls(Class 1st - 5th)

Seed Balls are very simple and easy to make with simple steps:-

  • - Mix a few flower seeds with clay/soft soil and add dry cow dung in a very small quantity (which help the seed in sprouting), if available.
  • - Add a little water and make little balls and dry them in sunlight after which they are ready.
  • - You can spread them in your neighbourhood in a plain area or in park.
  • - If there is no rainfall the next day then keep pouring little water everyday on it to help it sprout and then click a picture.
  • - Recommended seeds of some flower plants – Portulaca, Impatiens, Madagascar Periwinkle, Zinnia, Brown eyed susan, Star Marigold flowers or any other flower seeds.
  • - You can click photos of each stage and compile it to make a small video out of it (not more than 10MB)

Making Micro-Compost(Class 6th - 8th)

Making micro-compost is very simple with a few steps:-

  • - Take a waste plastic bottle and cut away the top to make it easy to put organic waste such as banana peels, potato peels, vegetable waste, etc.
  • - Dry the waste and put them in a mixer to make a fine powder.
  • - Add dry cow dung with a little soil and dry neem leaves power (same process as vegetables).
  • - Mix them together while adding half a cup of water and within 2 days they are ready.
  • - Bonus? You can use the top part of the bottle by making a bird feeder at your balcony or tie it up at a tree with water or food grains for the birds and don’t forget to click a picture with it.
  • - You can click photos of each stage and compile it to make a small video out of it (not more than 10MB)

Eco-Friendly Posters(Class 9th - 12th)

  • - Design Eco-Friendly Posters such as, “Reducing wastage of electricity by switching off lights and fans in home or classroom”, “Closing tap, reducing water wastage”, “Picking up garbage”, or any environmental message.
  • - You can add any cartoon/anime characters showcasing eco-friendly message in the poster to make it more attractive. Click a picture and share with us (not more than 5MB).

Participation Guidelines

  • Who can participate: Students from classes 1st to 12th in any school across India at any time, within the time frame.

  • Mode of participation: The contest operates online.

  • Contest fee: It is totally free.

  • Language Of Submissions:  Entries are accepted in English or Hindi.

  • Multiple Entries: Schools are welcome to submit as many entries as they wish. However, each individual student is limited to one entry.

How to Participate

  • 1. Click on Register Now,
  • 2.Fill out the Registration form,
  • 3. After you submit the form, you will receive the username and password on your registered email id.
  • 4. Using the login details, you can log in to the environment day submission page where you can submit a picture for the poster and video around 30secs -1 min for the other categories.
  • 5. Upload the picture/video on your social media using #onedayforenvironment and tag FairGaze.

Commencement of Registration and Submissions

Commencement of Registrations and Submissions- 5th of June.

The campaign kicks off on World Environment Day, marking the beginning of school registrations and student submissions. The final date of Registration and submission - 15th of July

Schools and students have until this date to complete their registrations and submit entries, contributing to the nationwide effort. Evaluation Round-  25th of July

Expert evaluation of the submissions takes place during this period, ensuring a thorough and fair assessment. Winner announcement and Closing ceremony - Will be announced soon

The campaign concludes with the announcement of winners and a closing ceremony, celebrating the accomplishments of participating students and schools.

Outreach and Evaluation

Scope: Reaching over 100 schools and engaging with 1000+ students nationwide.

Participation:Students can upload their posters, videos of the campaign directly on our website.

Evaluation:Entries will be assessed by expert judges based on criteria such as creativity and relevance.

Recognition:Every participant will receive certificates, while winners will be acknowledged and awarded prizes for their outstanding contributions.


  • All participants will receive a certificate.

For any further details, please reach out to us at:

Email - info@fairgaze.com

Ms Yachi Sehrawat - + 91 97170 23501

Arnab Debnath - +91 8130844055

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