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How to register for School Champs In Climate Action 2022

FairGaze develops innovative educational initiatives that have a lasting effect on students by deepening their comprehension of the world, fostering an empathic outlook, and instilling basic values. From intra-school competitions to inter-school and international competitions exhibiting abilities and accomplishments outside the walls of the school, these fantastic events assist the kids in adopting a completely new and larger direction to work on. These interactions with schools not only improve children's academic performance but also provide them with a supportive environment in which to develop their talents. The FairGaze SDG Program is an effort to empower schools and include students in hands-on learning about Sustainable Development Goals.

What is School Champs for Climate Action events? 

The School Champs for Climate Action event was created by the Fairgaze 2022 chapter as a way to recognize the SDGs, a better way of life, and a teamwork endeavor. Students can learn more about the accomplishment of Sustainable Goal 13 (Climate Action) by taking part in this event, which will involve meaningful talks about climate concerns and solutions with students, teachers, parents, educationists, and climate experts.

How can you register for this event?
STEP 1: The first step in participating in this event is signing up on their official website. Visit the following link:, and then navigate to the website's registration section. The registration period runs from November 7 to December 31, 2022. Make sure to sign up for the UNESCO MGIEP courses on biodiversity and climate change and human health.

STEP 2: You must enter a special ID and password in order to register. Don't worry; you may obtain these details directly from Sdgfairgaze.
STEP 3: The last step is to submit a drawing of biodiversity/climate change-related measures that have been or could be performed.

Before signing up for this event, you should be aware of the following guidelines.

First, any school that has signed up for the School Champs In Climate Action program for the SDGs is free to submit as many submissions as it likes. However, each student will only get one chance and no more than that to submit their designs for the competition.

Don't use any unfair tactics. Be confident in your abilities and submit the original set of drawing that you created. It should outline the steps that have been or could be implemented to address climate change and biodiversity.

Climate Change and Biodiversity & Human Well-Being are the two key subjects of this event. Draw solely in accordance with this provided topic.

Remember that your participation will be invalidated if it turns out that the drawing was done by someone else. Please be sure to fill out the registration and submission form correctly for smooth participation.

Your entries won't be accepted after December 31, 2022, if you don't register by the due dates. The judges'/evaluation panelists' judgment shall be final. Make sure to finish the UNESCO MGIEP COURSE if you want additional credit.

This kind of competition helps pupils develop the modern talents and skills of negotiation, dispute resolution, and effective research acumen through written and verbal communication skills. This is especially important nowadays when kids frequently experience difficulties and lack the self-control and confidence to deal with life's obstacles. For the pupils, each of these events has been shown to have a significant influence.

Final Words
When students are aware of the power they possess, they are better equipped to assume responsibility and carry out their tasks. Practical learning and simulations like this one help students transition out of school and into their future careers. Every experience has a lesson concealed in it, and we all interpret those lessons in various ways. These 13 SDGs provide a wonderful opportunity to learn new things, get new views, and even take a deep dive into a healthy lifestyle. By holding contests based on drawings and other similar ones, FairGaze hopes to provide all aspirant enthusiasts a platform to effect change! All the schools should inspire their students to participate in these events and paint their desires and dreams based on the themes of biodiversity and climate change. All the best to the students!